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Ah, sorry it has been so long since my last post! I have been ill, but am doing much better!

Luckily, I have had a while to make plans! Along with some input from others, here are some of my ideas:

  • Instead of the common playing cards for favors, give a teacup with mismatched saucer and a pack of your favorite tea. I would also go as far as making my own stickers that say “Drink Me”! Teacups and saucers can be found on ebay for relatively cheap. Search for “teacup lot” or “saucer lot”.
  • I think having the younger attendents in costume would be fun! The flower girl in an Alice costume and the ring bearer in a Mad Hatter costume would be neat. Also, instead of the RB carrying a pillow with the rings, maybe place them in a teacup that has been glued to a saucer. For saftey, tying the rings to a ribbon and then tying it to the finger hold would keep them safely attached in case of an accident!
  • Croquet sets! I have tried searching for Flamingo Croquet sets, but to no avail. This is a great idea for a garden wedding! Croquet is fun and not too active which is nice for the warmer seasons.
  • Have a hookah table! Often times hookah bars will allow rentals of hookahs and come with an attendent. This idea is probably best for a less formal wedding.
  • If having a formal wedding, try going all white with little color accents, like this wedding board suggests. That same link also has interesting ideas for having an Alice wedding such as having your wedding in a garden location with a maze! How neat is that?
  • Wear black and white striped tights under your dress!
  • Signs that point “this way” and “that way” and also signs on chairs that say “sit on me” or “sit here”. Don’t forget the  “eat me” and “drink me” signs, too. These are classic Alice and will lend a sense of humor to the occasion.
  • Have a checkerboard aisle runner instead of the more common white or red ones.
  • I am seriously thinking about making “painted” roses for the centerpieces and bouquets. My mother said that it would probably be fairly easy to take silk roses and dip the tips in a RIT dye solution to give them a painted apperance. I am going to try this idea maybe next weekend, and will post pictures and instructions if it turns out to work well. Otherwise, I will post a caution!

These are just a few ideas that my friends and I have come up with. Are there any others out there that you believe should be included in my next post? If so, please feel free to post them!


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Mad Hatter Cakes..

One of the things I get asked the most is “Are you going to have one of thost crazy, lopsided cakes?” The answer is a definite “Uh-huh!”

Cake Nouveau

Cake Nouveau

The one above is probably a little smaller than I would like, but I love the details in it! The tea kettle, the pocket watch, the look of Alice’s dress.

Let Them Eat Cake/Miguel Pola

Let Them Eat Cake/Miguel Pola

This cake is simply fabulous. It has a wonderful harlequin pattern. Alice and the Cheshire Cat are on the cake.   The details are beautiful!!

In planning my cake, I have decided to forgo the fondant icing. Though much easier to decorate with and it does make for a more stunning cake, I cannot stand the taste of fondant. I am thinking the quirky “mad hatter” style cake, but using buttercream icing instead. I spoke with a pastry chef friend of mine, and she said that it is possible to use buttercream, but the advantage with using fondant is that fondant can be painted on and can provide for a much more decorative and elaborate cake. Hmmm…Decisions, decisions…

If you are in the market for a unique cake, start by browsing some of the interesting styles that can be googled under “Alice in Wonderland Cakes” or “Mad Hatter Cakes”.

Another way to go is the cupcake route. I have seen several brides who opted for colorful displays of cupcakes and either posting a sign nearby that says “Eat me”, or by putting in little toothpick flags with the phrase on the flag. These cupcakes are pure genius!

Hello Naomi

Hello Naomi

Hello Naomi

Hello Naomi

The rest of the pics can be found here at Hello Naomi’s Flickr page. These would look just as cute on a cupcake stand or even on decorative plates at each table! They are truly creative!

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Amazing Alice in Wonderland theme wedding!!

Magnifique Photography

Magnifique Photography

I was browsing the web yesterday looking for bouquet ideas, and I came across Princess Lasertron’s blog. She makes incredible fabric and button bouquets! This particular wedding that she made the most beautiful and unique flowers for, is simply beautiful. You can view the blog entry complete with pictures, here. The colors and layout of this wedding are simply amazing! It is very inspiring and “maddening”!

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Backwards Pocket Watch

backwards pocketwatch

Recently, while pondering the Groom’s gift, I knew I wanted something to fit in with our theme.  I really want to give him a pocket watch, and this one from  The White Rabbit is perfect and ties into the theme wonderfully! The face of the clock is mirrored and the hands move counter-clockwise. It is a very quizzical and interesting piece and will certainly get many stares and compliments! This website is wonderful and they have tons of Alice related things that would make wonderful favors or bridal party gifts.

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Welcome to my blog! I have been toying with the idea for a while to make a  blog specifically devoted to Alice in Wonderland weddings. I have been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland since I was a little girl. After our engagement, my fiance and I talked about how we would like our wedding. I told him that I definitely want it to be unique and fun, and not too serious. I wanted it to be a wedding that people would remember as being just like that. So, from there, the idea of an Alice in Wonderland wedding was born. We have yet to set a specific date for our wedding, as money and other unforseen issues have come up, but nevertheless, the planning will continue. I would love to hear from other brides who have had an Alice in Wonderland-ish wedding or from the guests who have gone to such weddings.  Feel free to post pictures in your comments, but please remember to give credit to the photographer and the first names only (unless you are the bride/groom and feel comfortable giving your last name) of the married couple.  For those future brides who are having an Alice wedding, please leave any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have! The more the merrier! It is wonderful to brainstorm with people of like minds!

Once again, welcome to my blog, and please, stop by frequently as I will post new things often! Utter madness awaits you!  🙂

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